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Montenegro and Croatia.


11925a10-a21f-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg71031f00-a230-11e8-8e17-2dab421f22bf.jpge9390170-a22f-11e8-ab82-a5001876e93d.jpg3c5387f0-a22f-11e8-bb56-ed4b6f43a325.jpg6e2b1da0-a221-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg0a5cfec0-a220-11e8-8e17-2dab421f22bf.jpgb8e0d640-a231-11e8-8e17-2dab421f22bf.jpg3d8263a0-a232-11e8-8e17-2dab421f22bf.jpg69670b40-a234-11e8-ab82-a5001876e93d.jpgcf435100-a232-11e8-ab82-a5001876e93d.jpg7ccffc70-a232-11e8-ab82-a5001876e93d.jpgI travelled by ferry from Bari in Italy to Bar in Montenegro across the Adriatic Sea. 71ea61d0-a21c-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg92f27f70-a21c-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpgbeb86660-a21c-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpgf4c81f20-a21c-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg3250fd80-a21d-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg4e3fde80-a21d-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg61f88b70-a21d-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg937e7650-a21d-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpgb7701f50-a21d-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpgd3696090-a21d-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpgffe6fec0-a21d-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg1a4ea380-a21e-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg3c9582b0-a21e-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg55b03510-a21e-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg6cd2e800-a21e-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpgad45c6f0-a21e-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpgd14eef90-a21e-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpgf77db750-a21e-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg11925a10-a21f-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg]tos.travellerspoint.com/935071/thumb_11925a10-a21f-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg]39463b30-a21f-11e8-a10b-9f6a82c4f8af.jpg5bb38e20-a21f-11e8-8e17-2dab421f22bf.jpg99947790-a21f-11e8-8e17-2dab421f22bf.jpg-------MONTENEGRO IS A COUNTRY OF NATURAL BEAUTY. ITS COASTLINE IS 300 KM LONG ON THE ADRIATIC SEA. I STAYED 3 night BUDVA ,2 nights HERCEG NOVI and 3 nights Dubrovnic i travelled around by bus. From BUDVA i took a trip to Stevi stefan a little town on a small island, also to Kotor and Cetinji.---BUDVA has a bus station with routes to many places including Belgrade and Dubrovnic.-I took the bus to Herceg Novi Montenegro for stay. Left Herceg Novi by bus to Dubrovnic Croatia. While in Dubrovnic i took a daytrip by bus to Mostar in Bosnia herzegoniva.----I travelled from Bari in Italy, to Bar in Montenegro by ferry, taking about 9 hours on Montenegro Lines ferry. The sea distance is 200 km Bari to Bar. The ferry is from Yugoslav era, not modern.-- At Bar there is a rail connection inland to the capital city Podgorica, possibly twice a day. but i took the bus along the coast to Budva, 4 buses an hour,several bus companies. Journey time just over an hour. The bus fare was just a few Euros, as i found buses cheap and comfortable.-------Budva is a place of history, interest and beauty with the Old City and Wall, Citadel, Church of John the Baptist, and the Art Gallery.------------------The name Montenegro means "Black Mountain "

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Centinje Monastery in Montenegro is beautiful. The stairs to the top of Mt. Kotor looked intimidating but the view is stunning.

by Beausoleil

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